McDonald's is bringing back one of our favourite items!

By Marni Dixit January 10, 2018

And it's on sale TODAY!

McDonald's has done us all a huge favour for our first official week back at work and brought back the Chicken Big Mac, which is available from 10:30am today! 

The Chicken Big Mac was enjoyed was secretly enjoyed as a menu hack by customers for years and was put on the menu mid-last year and cruelly taken away from us. 

Chicken Big Mac

The burger is available on Wednesday, January 10 from 10:30am to midnight for a limited time only, so get on that train now folks! It's also available via UberEATS if you don't want to leave your air conditioning! 

Jo Feeney, Director of Marketing for McDonald's Australia said:

“Customers loved the Chicken Big Mac when it was on the menu, and Aussies have been asking for it to come back ever since. So from today, the Chicken Big Mac is returning to restaurants nationwide”

“The Chicken Big Mac teams everything you know and love about our Big Mac - the Special Sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and sesame seed bun - with our famous Chicken pattie.

If you can't find us later today, you'll know where we went! 

Images: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images​