A new vaccine is being created to help those with coeliac disease

By Marni Dixit March 20, 2018
coeliac disease

This will change so many lives!

A breakthrough vaccine is being trialled in Perth to help those who suffer with coeliac disease eat foods containing gluten without making them feel sick.

Nine News reports the vaccine could be life changing and is apparently set to be a “light” injection similar to the way diabetics inject insulin. 

Dr Michael Winlo from Linear Clinical Research says:

“The promise of being able to live a normal life after having to be so strict with ones diet is actually really exciting and liberating for some people.”

The disease affects one per cent of the Aussie population and is very different to gluten intolerance.  If someone with coeliac disease eats gluten it can cause damage to the small intestine, unchecked it can also lead to anaemia and even increased risk of cancers. 

The new vaccine is a special combination of proteins that attach to the immune system cells that overreact to gluten.

“It quietens them down, over time we think it can shut them off and allow people to live a normal life,” says Dr Winlo.

Dr Winlo believes the type of approach could also help people with type 2 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. 

If you live in Perth and have coeliac disease you might be eligible to sign up for the trial, find out more here.

Image: Getty Images