The Opal card hack that will save you hundreds of dollars

By Cassie Crofts April 20, 2017

Attention Sydney public transport users!

Despite the NSW Government saying they closed all the Opal card loopholes, public transport users are still finding ways to beat the system

According to Seven News, commuters have saved at least $60 million since September last year.

With 2.4 million Opal card trips a day, that’s a whole lotta people making a whole lotta savings.

So how are they doing it? One simple trick: switching modes of transport.

If you normally take two trains, consider taking a train and a bus instead. 

This will give you a transfer discount, saving you big bucks. 

The biggest savings to be made are for people travelling from Parramatta, Blacktown, Liverpool and Bondi Junction.

Then, simply think about how to spend all those savings.

We’re thinking new shoes and a bottle of wine from the bottom of the wine list.

Image: Getty/Jeff Greenberg