Paid leave for new pet owners is finally a thing

By Stephanie Nuzzo January 11, 2018

Introducing: “pawternity leave” 

Sometimes life in the modern age is pretty okay. This, my fur-baby-loving-friends, is one of those times. 

You see, it seems that businesses are beginning to recognise the importance of properly caring for pets. Especially those who are new to the family and don’t yet understand that peeing in the pantry and using your Gucci sneakers as a chew toy is not on. 

jimmy fallon puppies puppy gif

Because of this, and the fact that studies have shown that a whopping four-in-ten people have chucked a sickie because of their pet, a number of companies are now introducing paid days off for pet parents. 

According to The Guardian, Brewdog brewery and Mars (the parent company of Whiskas and Pedigree) were the brains behind this new work perk, designed to give owners the adequate time to help a new dog or cat settle in at home. 

Apparently, Manhattan is where the idea has taken off most substantially so far with some businesses even offering leave in the case of the death of an employee’s pet. 

For the moment, no word on whether this will make its way to Australia but considering the stats, we wouldn’t be surprised if it begins rolling out sometime soon. 

Images: Getty, NBC