Parents disappointed at dangerous playground in shopping centre

By Christina Cavaleri October 11, 2017

"Sadly this area left our young kids bored and in tears."

A shopping centre in Waverley Gardens has parents up in arms about the ‘dangerous” children’s playground that unveiled last month.

The parents complained on the shopping centre’s Facebook page about the lack of safety gates on the children’s inside play area.

A shopping centre visitor, Cenan Celil told the Monash Leader about her concerns when she brought her two-year-old daughter. 

“My main concern is no safety gates and my daughter ran out multiple times from the play area.

“My daughter can’t access the slide because there’s a web of ropes that children need to climb to use the slide.

“It’s like they’ve used chicken mesh as a barrier and it’s totally unacceptable and dangerous as there are bits of mesh hanging out.

“It’s great they’ve had the initiative to build this but it needs to be made safer and friendlier for all ages.”

Another shopping centre visitor, Sarah, wrote on the Facebook page that her daughter was badly injured on the playground.

“My daughter broke her wrist playing on this playground.

“It’s been a family tradition for my mum to take her grandchildren to Waverley Gardens every week for a shop, eat and play. The old play area was fabulous. Sadly this area left our young kids bored and in tears.”

Waverley Gardens’ centre management responded to the complaints on Facebook: 

“The playground has been checked at both design and installation stage by an independent third party safety certifier to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for everyone.

“One of the areas of concern that we have already addressed is an additional access point to the ropes installation which will be installed very soon.”