Scam alert: Mysterious free beauty products are showing up on doorsteps

By Marni Dixit May 19, 2017
Beauty products

Watch out!

Speaking with Kidspot, mother-of-one Asya Moussawi from Hobart revealed how she recently received a package of beauty products. This might sound like a great thing, except Moussawi hadn't ordered any products.

“I was surprised because I never order such products online because they are very cheap quality, and then I found an invoice for $67 to be paid within 14 days... There was no phone number to contact them, only an email.”

Thinking the company had simply made a mistake, she sent them an email, however, she soon received a response from LuxStyle International saying they "do not send unsolicited shipments".  They added that she would need to pay for return postage within two weeks if she wanted to send the products back.

“I was confused because this is a lot of money for a bunch of useless products, and I didn’t ask for them in the first place... So that was confusing and stressful because they sent me an email saying that they will send a debt collector unless I pay the money.”

They then 'generously' asked if she would consider keeping the order if they gave her a discount of 50 per cent.

“This certainly will save the time of returning the order and do note that after the discount, the price of the invoice would be close to or even less than the price you’d pay if you were to return the order."

Of course, Asya told them she would not be footing the bill for something she didn't ask for. They then sent her another email saying they would continue hounding her about the unpaid invoice and that their "collection agency" would resolve the unsolved debt.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued a warning to Australians about LuxStyle after receiving 127 complaints about them:

“LuxStyle advertised its products on social media, directing potential customers to a website that did not display prices unless the consumer entered a mailing address and an email address … LuxStyle then posted the goods to consumers along with an invoice demanding payment and followed this up with subsequent invoices if consumers did not pay.”

“The Australian Consumer Law provides specific protection to Australian consumers. If a business sends unsolicited goods to an Australian consumer, the consumer is not required to pay for the goods, nor is the consumer required to pay to return the goods."

If you are sent goods by LuxStyle, you should lodge a report on the ACCC's website.

Asya added:

“I want to say to all the mums out there, please don’t share your personal information. Not even your email, your address, or anything. I was a victim just because I shared my name and address! So please be aware, this is really dangerous.” 

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