Stock Up 'Cause A Nutella Shortage Is On The Horizon

By Ally Parker June 5, 2019

The unthinkable has happened.

Nutella, that hazelnut chocolate spread capable of so much joy (and occasional sorrow TBH), is under threat.

Long story short, French workers have brought one of the biggest Nutella factories to a near-standstill over salary and working condition negotiations.

The Villers-Ecalles factory, where activists from the Workers' Force union have barred trucks, normally produces 600,000 jars - a quarter of the world's production.

After six days of failed efforts to resolve the situation, Ferrero France, who own the brand, have taken action, telling CBS Moneywatch: 

"... the plant management has duly informed the strikers illegally blocking the factory that it has obtained a court order foreseeing financial penalties for those continuing to strike past Monday June 3rd at 6.00 am.”

AKA it’s getting serious

The union representing the employees, Workers' Force, says 160 of the factory's 350 workers are taking part in a walkout to demand 4.5 per cent salary increases, one-time 900-euro bonuses and better working conditions.

While yes, we want workers to be fairly compensated, and have a safe and happy workplace, we have to admit, we're shook at the thought of no Nutella.

The next negotiation meeting is scheduled for June 13.

Meanwhile you can catch us sweeping our local shops for a stockpile.

UPDATE: Ferrero Australia have supplied the below comment to assuage your fears:

“Nutella in Australia, is produced and supplied locally, out of Lithgow NSW.”

Image: Getty