While you were sleeping: the biggest overnight news 17/3/17

By Stephanie Nuzzo March 17, 2017

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Video emerges of Prince William’s wild night in the Alps 

Footage of Prince William enjoying a night of drinks and dancing at the Farinet Night Club in the Swiss Alps has been leaked, showing the future King getting down to Pharrell’s 'Happy' and having a laugh with friends.

The video shows William getting close to a woman thought to be Australian model Sophie Taylor and while he places his hand on her hip while dancing, the footage does appear to be quite innocent, despite reports that he was allegedly “dirty dancing” with the woman.

Check out the videos here.

Vanessa Amorosi looks very different nowadays

Vanessa Amorosi

Absolutely Everybody is talking about how different Vanessa Amorosi looks nowadays after snaps from Facebook surfaced. 

Vanessa seems to be rocking blonde hair at the moment, and looks almost unrecognisable! The singer, who was at the height of her fame in 2000 when she sang 'Absolutely Everybody' at the Sydney Olympics is working on new music in Memphis. The record is set for release later this year.

Vanessa Amorosi

Amanda Seyfried takes legal action against hackers who have leaked nude photos of her 

Sadly, we’ve seen another case of photo theft in Hollywood, this time the victim being Amanda Seyfried, The Sun reports. 

The 31-year-old actress, who is pregnant with her first child, is said to have taken legal action, with her lawyers making contact with the website that has published the photos. 

Allegedly the images are of Seyfried and her ex-boyfriend Justin Long.

The actress has not made a statement on the horrible incident just yet.


The eerie statement Prince made before his death

Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson has spoken with People and ABC about the loss of her brother for special project People Icons: Gone Too Soon. During her interview, Nelson opened up about her belief that Prince knew his death was near. 

“About three years ago he called…He said, ‘I think I’ve done everything I’ve come to do,” she said. 

“My dad and Prince always spoke in these types of riddles…He knew [he was going to die soon]. And he was preparing me. It’s very clear.”

Nelson continued: 

“He needed to go. He was tired. Instead of crying, dance. He didn’t like me to cry, so I don’t want them [the fans] to cry either.”

According to the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office, Prince's death was caused by an accidental opioid overdose - no further details have been released. 

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