12 products that will completely change up your beauty routine

By Stephanie Nuzzo April 8, 2018
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We can’t live without #2 now.

If you’re not an A-grade beauty blogger or skin care specialist of sorts, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and discoveries in this industry that moves at lightning pace. 

With new products and devices breaking into the market every day it’s no surprise that us regular ol’ folk can get a little overwhelmed from time to time and yes, it can become difficult to tell the effective from the overrated. 

So, for that reason, we took a close look what Sephora Australia has on offer in 2018 and put together a list of what is worth adding to your collection.

Here goes!

1. Slip Silk Pillowcase (Queen), $85.00 

Sephora Slip

If you haven’t yet read about the benefits of silk pillowcases, it’s probably time you did. The lush cases are anti-ageing, anti-sleep crease, anti-bed head, offering you a comfy night’s sleep and healthier skin and hair. 

2. Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel, $42.00:

That cool-girl, relaxed, beachy look you’ve been trying to achieve for years to no avail? This will get you there without leaving your hair feeling crunchy and gross. Throw some into towel-dried locks and watch this nourishing formula work its magic - oh, and it smells delicious. 

3. Ouai Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets, US $18:

Struggle with frizzy hair? These portable frizz-destroying sheets are your new best friend. Simply swipe through your locks from root to ends and watch the mixture of hemp paper, coconut oil and shea butter tame any unwanted static (without leaving your hair looking oily). 

4. SkinInc, My Daily Dose Custom-Blended Serum Cocktail, $169:


Yes, you read that correctly. Custom-blended serums. Now, this is exciting. The team at SkinInc offers the service of creating a serum suited to your skin, specifically. All you need to do is complete a quiz online (which should take a couple of minutes) and the team will suggest which combination of serums is best for you. 

The products are award-winning and unlike any other brand. Pop three drops of the serum onto your face twice daily before moisturising and watch your skin transform. 

You can also grab a range of classic serums at Sephora for a little less (starting at $64) if you decide custom-blended isn’t for you.

5. FOREO ESPADA Acne-Clearing Blue Light Pen, $199:

Ah, technology is an incredible thing, isn’t it? With LED-light facials being all the rage at the moment, the team at FOREO have decided to release a device that will allow you to treat your skin yourself at home. 

This device uses blue LED light +T-Sonic™ pulsations to get right to the root of your acne problems and destroy bacteria. 

6. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout, US$28:

This nifty little weapon is a unique one because it works to both treat breakouts while concealing them. Genius, no? Developed with plastic surgeons, this two-in-one product can be worn under makeup (try IT’s CC cream if you’re in need of a new one) or alone and it’s an item that almost any makeup collection could do with. 

7. Park Ave Princess™ Chisel Palette, $69:


This is the palette of your contour-loving dreams. The super-pigmented shades have been infused with Amazonian clay to ensure they’re seriously long-lasting. 

8. Zoeva Opulence Eyeshadow Palette, $40:

Created with a range of floral shades (including rosy copper and vibrant blue orchid) this palette offers 10 beautiful (and quite unique) pigmented shades that will give you all kinds of scope for your next makeup look. 

Be sure to give Imperial and Sense of Movement a try - they’re stunning. 

9. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Vanilla Quartz, $64:

A creamy, highlighter powder that will get your cheekbones to pop like nothing else. It’s smooth, elegant and damn effective. 

10. Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon, $38:

Marc Jacobs Sephora

This smooth lip crayon applies seamlessly and lasts for hours (16 hours, in fact). It’s available in 10 shades and unlike a lot of other liquid lipsticks, is not even a little bit drying. 

11. Becca Under Eye Primer, $54, Brightening Corrector, $54, and Setting Powder, $42:

These three products are your key to brightening up the underneaths of your eyes. Liven-up tired eye with the primer, erase dark circles with the corrector and brighten and set with what Becca staff refer to as “the Snapchat pretty filter for your eyes” – the setting powder.

12. FOREO UFO, $395.00 :

This fancy device promises to deliver a spa-level facial for you at home in just 90 seconds - we know, wow! The UFO uses LED light therapy with cryo-therapy, thermo-therapy and T-Sonic pulsations (a lot of real sciency-sounding things) to transform your at-home sheet mask facials, helping all the goodies in them to penetrate deep into your skin. 

Incredible, no?

Images: Supplied, SkinInc/Instagram