3 ideas to consider when planning a gorgeous party

By Sangeeta Kocharekar July 13, 2017

Stun your guests.

There's at-home entertaining, and there's at-home entertaining. The second kind is the kind when you let your creativity run free, have fun with the decorations, food, and activities, and, as a result, have guests leave completely blown away.

We asked the party-planning experts team at Things By Bean for their top tips and tricks on how to create a party that'll leave your guests seriously impressed. Scroll on to read what they said.

1. Consider DIY sweet treats


One of our favourite and most popular party favour blogs has been our DIY candy noodle boxes. These sweet little boxes are packed full of yummy sweets and let guests take a little (yummy!) bit of the party home with them.

Another one of our favourite – and quick – party favour options is candy bark. Just melt some chocolate, pop on some yummy goodness (think sprinkles, jelly beans, coconut, nuts, skittles and even cereal!), leave it to set and then break it up into edible shards. Follow our easy step-by-step directions here. Also try giving popcorn a fun makeover with DIY recipes creating salted caramel rocky road, polka dot and hazelnut flavours. See here for the recipes.

2. Give guests a fun take-away gift


Jump on board this massive current trend and get your friends to make and take home their very own flower crown. From traditional flower crowns to DIY lace crowns, these are sure to be a hit and royally appreciated by the special guests.  

Pop some seeds in a pot and let your little friends grow their own garden or deconstruct and let the birthday guests make their own. A cute, eco party treat even the adults will love. See here for some super cute plant ideas

3. Pay attention to lighting and candles


Chances are people attending your gather are going to take lots of photos so planning lighting beforehand is critical. For a dinner party, you can't go wrong with dimmed lighting and/or candles. For a day party, embrace natural daylight, but consider stringing fairy lights around the room to give it a dreamy feel.