7 signs you're washing your hair too much

By Marni Dixit February 15, 2018
Washing hair

Step away from the shampoo! 

First, we're not washing our hair enough, then we're washing it too much... It turns out that both of those things are actually really bad for you! Here are the things you should be looking out for to figure out if you're over-washing:

1. Your brush can't move smoothly

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When you over-wash your hair, the cuticles stay open, making it dryer and more brittle. Carolyn Aronson, Hair Stylist and CEO at It's A 10 Haircare, told Bustle

"When you brush your hair, it will catch more on the tangles and not slide through the hair shaft easily,"

2. Your colour is fading

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This one is pretty obvious, but washing your hair too often will cause the colour to fade quicker. Aronson advised that people with coloured hair should use sulfate-free shampoos and, though it might be hard in winter, to finish your shower with a cool rinse. This will keep the cuticle closed, which means the colour molecules won't rinse out and stay in the hair.

3. There's a lot of breakage

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If you're washing your hair too often, making it dry, you're more likely to experience breakage with dermatologist Dr Sejal Shah also telling the publication:

"Hair is also more fragile when it's wet, so combing or brushing while it's wet and aggressive towel-drying can also lead to breakage."

4. Your scalp is flaky


Over-washing your hair could lead to your scalp flaking, Aronson said:

"A healthy scalp is just as important as healthy hair. It should be free of dirt and oils, but also not too dry. If this occurs, switch to a more moisturizing shampoo and skip a day or two between washes."

5. Your hair feels oilier

Oily hair

Yep, you might think you're taking away the oil, but your scalp probably thinks it needs to replace oils that it loses when it's being washed, thus overproducing it. Aronson's tip? It's all in the type of shampoo:

"Use sulfate-free shampoos that are deeper cleansing, but not too drying. Be sure to still nourish the mid-shaft to ends with a light conditioner or apply a leave-in conditioner after washing."

6. Your hair is frizzier than normal

Frizzy hair

When your hair is stripped of oil it can become frizzy, so skip a shampoo and use conditioner to help if this is happening to you!

7. Your hair looks lacklustre

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Over-washing leaves the cuticles open which then means the hair shaft can't create that glossy, smooth look. Aronson says, "Remember, balanced moisture in the hair and scalp leads to healthy, shiny, bouncy locks."