7 stunning places you will not believe are in Australia

By Stephanie Nuzzo August 10, 2017
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania Travel Getty

We seriously live in paradise.

We Australians are renowned for our desire to travel. We jet off to exotic places in search of unique experiences regardless of the travel time, or the jet-lag that follows. While travel abroad is incredible, many of us have seen very little of our own beautiful country; a commonality of ours that should change.

If you're planning your next short break or getaway, why not consider a staycation instead of jetting abroad?

If you need further convincing, we’ve put together a list of seven incredible sites that deserve a spot on your travel bucket list:

1. The Umpherston Sinkhole, South Australia:

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This lush haven can be found in the Mount Gambier region of South Australia and wow is it worth a visit. As Tourism Australia explains, the site is a former limestone cave. The roof collapsed years back and the sinkhole has since become a green oasis. Stunning!

2. Lake Hillier, Western Australia

It doesn’t get much more memorable than a pink lake, does it? Lake Hillier sits on Middle Island in WA and while we’re not quite sure why the body of water has taken on this rosy hue (scientists think it may be caused by a form of algae) it certainly makes for a gorgeous photo!

3. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania:

Almost like a postcard out of the Canadian Rockies, Cradle Mountain is one of the most beautiful natural sites Australia has on offer. The mountain, which is 1,545 metres above sea level, is neighbour to tranquil Dove Lake, making for a pretty incredible afternoon stroll. 

4. Crystal Shower Falls, New South Wales:

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Could this place look anymore soothing? Probably not. The cascade can be found in Dorrigo National Park, which is in Coffs Coast, NSW. 

5. Lancelin Sand Dunes, Western Australia:

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Rolling sand dunes that stretch out into the sunset? We’re there!

6. The Horizontal Waterfalls, Western Australia:

Once referred to as “one of the greatest wonders of the natural world” by none other than David Attenborough, the iconic site in the Kimerleys, WA is made up of two breaks (about 300m apart) within the McLarty Range and they are incredible to witness, especially from above. 

7. Bitter Springs, Northern Territory:

These thermal pools in Elsey National Park, NT are famous for their incredibly clear waters, perfect for a swim and a photo or two, if you have a water-proof camera on hand!

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