This ‘80s hairdo is back in style – here’s how to make it work for you

By Stephanie Nuzzo August 21, 2017
Washing hair

Because if you get this wrong it won’t be good. 

Ready to go back to the ’80’s, guys and gals? Because crimping is back in a big way. Now, before you cringe and cry out “why” let us explain: the voluminous look is back in fashion, but it’s not how you remember it. 

The 2017 take on the look is slick, chic and it’s taking centre stage on the catwalks.

In response to these latest trends, ghd has introduced the new ghd contour, a limited edition tool launching in September and available for a limited time only.

Featuring advanced ceramic heat technology and multi-dimensional plates, with ghd contour you can add an extra level of volume and texture to your weekend ‘do, allowing you to experiment with creative styles you may not have ever considered before. 

Adam Reed, the ambassador for ghd has spoken about the new style:

“Texture and crimping is defnitely back, but not as you know it. It’s now a lot softer and more subtle than it used to be, and it’s certainly more wearable,” he shared in a statement. 

“Bring the trend up-to-date by avoiding crimping all of your hair. Instead, experiment with different sections for a dual texture effect. Crimping is one of those trends that everyone is scared of but it never goes away” says Adam Reed.

“Crimping is a session stylist’s secret to creating incredible volume and big hair. We all carry a crimper in our kit as they’re incredible for adding volume and texture, so I’m thrilled to be involved in creating this new super tool for ghd!”

Image: Getty, Supplied