Aldi Is Having A Plant Sale So You Can Decorate Your Home Like A Grown Up

By Krisinda Merhi March 29, 2019

Peak #adulting. 

We don't know about you but we can barely remember to feed our pet goldfish, let alone water a plant. 

But there’s something about pretty pot plants that is just so hard to resist. 

Despite the warning going off in our heads telling us not to do it, you can bet if we see a pot plant we will consider buying it. 

If the plant in question comes in a pretty vase/basket/has flowers, the likelihood of us purchasing said plant will instantly skyrocket. 

So when we heard Aldi is having a plant sale we instantly knew we were in trouble. 

Us trying to do mental math to try and figure out exactly how many plants we can buy with our current bank balance: 

Aldi’s new range is PERFECT for sprucing up your living space. It’ll also make you feel like 10x the adult. 

Because only fully grown adults have plants, right?

Apparently, the plant selection will vary from state to state, but there’s a range of flowering plants (lilies and orchards), succulents, ferns and strings of beans up for grabs. 

If you’re feeling especially confident in your plant-growing skills then Aldi is also selling TREES.

There’ll be money trees (not with actual money on them, soz), lavender plants, camelllia trees, and passion fruit trees. 

Actually, there’s also a whole bunch of ‘food’ trees ie: trees which grow things you can eat. 

Button mushroom kits, citrus trees (not available in WA) and chilli plants (not available in WA) so you can take your adulting to the next level and use your plants to COOK things. 

The plants on offer come in a variety of sizes and price points, from 70mm to 170mm and $3.99-$14.99. 

Basically, Aldi is selling lots of pretty plants for not a lot of moneies and you need them in your very ~adult~ life to help you keep being an ~adult~. 

Aldi’s Green House’ range goes on sale on April 3. 

Images: Adli Australia, Giphy / Giphy.