Aldi take home gold in HUGE coffee roasters event

By Ally Parker December 10, 2018

Too good!

Turns out the folks at Aldi aren't the types to rest on their laurels following a win.

Nope, despite packing away award after award for their affordable, yet refined wines, the discount supermarket have gone and done it all again. This time, with coffee.

Yes! Aldi's Lazzio Medium Roast, created by Melbourne-based Black Bag Roasters, was awarded top spot at the Golden Bean Competition in the Chain/Franchise Filter Coffee category.

And that's not all. Aside from there gold win, Aldi also took home:

Silver Medal – Franchise/ Chain Milk Category – Lazzio Medium Roast  

Silver Medal – Franchise/ Chain Espresso Category – Lazzio Medium Roast  

Bronze Medal - Single Origin - Lazzio “Colombia”  

“The partnership between Black Bag Roasters and ALDI has been a huge success. Together we are able to offer some of the freshest coffee in the supermarket space, in part due to the efficient ordering and delivery process in place,” explains Lance Brown, General Manager at Black Bag Roasters.

“Every Lazzio roast is tendered to by a close-knit and passionate team of award-winning roasters. The process begins at the origin of the bean, where our Green Bean Buying team work direct with farmers to grow the highest quality coffee varietals for picking and processing."

Translation: no more do you need to ply your discount coffee with sugar to make it palatable. You can have it all.

Now if you'll excuse us, we suddenly have to make an emergency shopping trip at Aldi.

Image: Getty