Apparently, you can dance your way into a hangover

By Stephanie Nuzzo December 5, 2017
Kevin Jackson australian_ballet Instagram.jpg

Here’s how it works.

Kevin Jackson has been a dancer with The Australian Ballet since 2003. The artist, who has performed in roles like Romeo, Neumeier's Nijinsky and Prince Désiré in The Sleeping Beauty, has spent a good chunk of his 15-year career in the dance studio and, as Amber Petty learned in the latest episode of Meet Me At The Barre, all that training can lead to more than perfect technique. 

“We call it a ballet hangover” he said. 

“We just performed in Adelaide at Gala Spectacular and we did three shows in 24 hours… as a principle you don’t sort of do that as much anymore. You just have four shows a week, you don’t back them up.”

“That kind of intensity can wear you out,” he explained.

If you’re wondering what exactly a “ballet hangover” is, well it’s basically the nasty symptoms of a regular hangover, brought on by too much dance:

“…It was like I had been drinking for 15 hours," Jackson shared.

“You wake up that next day and you feel dry and you feel tired.”

Also, much like a regular hangover, there’s an initial high (the party or performance) and it’s followed by a bit of a crash:

“You need to be so high on that level to get out there and perform for an audience and that low that hits after the performance, it takes a couple of days to get over it.”

If you're keen to hear more about Jackson's career, dance in Australia and ballet hangovers, have a listen to the entire podcast episode titled The Ultimate Leading Man here.  

Image: Instagram