Are the days of the humble sausage sizzle numbered?

By Rebecca O'Malley February 15, 2019

Presented in partnership with Play For Purpose – Australia’s Sport and Charity Raffle.

Sport is the backbone of Australian society. Our local sports clubs are often the heart of our communities, bringing people together and unifying us in our love of sport. We know that regular exercise is good for our mental and physical health and lends itself to happiness. Sport doesn’t discriminate and it should be accessible to everyone. 

There are an estimated 50,000+ sports clubs in Australia, ranging from professional clubs with significant resources to grassroots clubs run entirely by volunteers. We rely so much on these clubs to give us, and our kids, access to sports facilities and services but they need money to remain accessible. 

What can we do to make sure sport remains accessible to all? Is there life beyond the humble sausage sizzle? 

One proven method of fundraising for good causes, particularly for sports clubs, is through raffles. That’s why the Australian Sports Foundation and Sport Australia have partnered with not-for-profit, national sports and charity raffle, Play For Purpose to fundraise for grassroots sport. 

The concept is simple; supporters simply jump on to, buy a ticket to support their local sports club or charity - tickets are $10 and $5 from every ticket goes directly to their cause. It’s the ultimate win-win! 

Play For Purpose has already partnered with almost 200 charities and sports club to help supercharge their fundraising efforts. And the best part is it’s free for charities and clubs to join. The more tickets sold means more funds raised for good causes around the country. 

There are three first prizes packages (each valued at $250k!) to choose from. You could opt for a life of luxury and adventure with a new car, a luxury sports boat or a quarter of a million dollars in cash! Second prize comes in the form of a travel voucher worth $50k while third prize is a travel voucher with $20k.

If you're one of the lucky winners, you'll secure a major prize and do your bit to give back to the community. If you're unlucky, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’ve given back to a local charity or sports club.

The days of the sausage sizzle are by no means numbered — every little bit counts. But our local sports clubs need as much support as we can give them to make sure they thrive!   

18+ only, gamble responsibly.