Self-professed foodie? This is the travel destination for you

By Stephanie Nuzzo April 20, 2017

And it may not be where you’d expect… 

From its mountain ranges and rainforests to its rich history (seeing Incan ruins first-hand is probably one of the most incredible experiences a traveller can have) and vibrant culture (salsa, anyone?), South America is one of the most alluring travel destinations on the map. 

And when you mention South America, thoughts of Peru are never far behind. Home of the seventh World Wonder of Machu Picchu, guinea pigs (or cuy) and some of the most striking geographical features the world has to offer, Peru is an infamous destination for many reasons, but there is one you may not be aware of just yet: food. 

For quite a few years now, travellers have been trekking through Peru (literally and figuratively) to relish in the country’s esteemed gastronomy… and for good reason. 

Peru received the award of World’s Best Culinary destination for the fifth consecutive year at the World Travel Awards, 2016 (the Oscars of Travel Awards) and Lima, the capital of Peru, is renown as the Gastronomic Capital of Latin America.

Most recently, however, the South American country was given one of the biggest forms of culinary kudos, three places in the World Best 50 Restaurants for 2017. Those restaurants are:

World No.33: Astrid y Gaston, Lima

World No.8: Maido, Lima

World No.5: Central, Lima


Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez from Central was also given the Chefs’ Choice Award for this year, only adding to the long list of reasons Peru should be topping your list of foodie travel destinations.

If you need any more convincing though, just take a peek at this. If this video doesn’t make you want to book a holiday, we truly don’t know what will. 

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Images and Video: Getty Images, Astrid y Gaston, Maido, Central, Peru Tourism