Australia is so hot bats are falling out of trees

By Krisinda Merhi January 29, 2019

Humid with a chance of bat-fall 

It’s been hot in Australia. 

Really bloody hot. 

Melt your face off without even moving kinda hot. 

We’d forgive you for locking yourself indoors with the air-con cranked with blankets and Netflix because outside is an actual death trap. 

The massive heatwave has swept the nation and isn’t easing any time soon. 

Temperature maps of Australia are so red we’re pretty sure we’re in the middle of the apocalypse.

Now there’s new evidence to suggest this is the end: bats are falling from the skies. 


Let us clarify: it’s so hot in ‘Straya that bats are falling out of trees.

Fruit bats cannot regulate their body temperature when the thermometer hits 40°C or more and they begin to cook from the inside out. 

Horrible, we know. 

Nursing females are especially vulnerable because their natural body temps are already higher than normal. 

And of course, young pups are most vulnerable because their little bodies are less equipped to withstand extreme conditions. 

This isn’t the first time the things have gone batsh**t. 

A 2018 heatwave killed thousands of bats in Campbelltown. 

Colony manager Kate Ryan explained the heat “affects their brain – their brain just fries and they become incoherent.” 

The current heat wave has not hit extreme levels in all areas of the country. 

But South Australia has been hit hard so hard the government issued a “code red” alert. 

People have been warned to stay indoors. 

So aircon, blankets and Netflix it is. 

Images: Getty.