Cadbury Caramilk Is Officially Back And Yes Please

By Krisinda Merhi September 23, 2019

No, we are not sharing. 

There are some moments in life you remember forever. 

Maybe it’s the moment you landed your first job. Or the day your firstborn child came into the world. 

We will forever remember today as the day our lives changed for the better, because Caramilk is back, baby!


The chocolate lords have listened to the plebs (us) and agreed to release the caramelly-choccie block onto supermarket shelves from Wednesday, October 2. 

We - and the entire internet - have been waiting for this day for a while. Rumours have been circulating since August about the delicious return of the Cadbury cult fave and it’s finally happening. 

oh my god wow GIF

Caramilk was first released in the 1990s and then re-released in early 2018 for a limited time only. The world became so obsessed with the rare treat that people began selling their blocks on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money. 

Because if there’s anything people are willing to spend big bucks on, it’s chocolate, apparently. 


In homage to the Caramilk-eBay gate of 2018, Cadbury will also be slinging the chocolate bar on their eBay store to raise money for Save The Children*. 

So in case you didn’t already have a reason to eat an entire block of Caramilk by yourself, now you do.

chocolate fountain GIF

Remember to remain calm, breathe between bites and whatever you do, don’t ever share. 

*Maximum of one block per customer. Free delivery to Australian addresses. Offer expires at midnight on 26 September, while stocks last. 500 blocks to be sold across all eBay listings

Images: Cadbury, Giphy / Giphy.