Cameron Daddo reveals which 90210 star introduced him to Rosé

By Roberto Damante June 7, 2018

In Episode 1, 'Swipe Right For Wine', we unwind with Cameron Daddo.

Host of smoothfm, Cameron Daddo, sat down with Michelle Stephenson on this week's episode of the new Wine Selectors podcast A Moment In Wine, to unwind after a long day and share a yarn over one of his favourite drops.

As he discussed how he keeps his marriage going strong, and how he enjoys his downtime he also recalled the time that a 90's Hollywood star introduced him to Rose as a wine varietal he’d never appreciated.

“I love lazy Sundays, enjoying a roast for family lunch and a cheeky Merlot!" says said the smoothfm favourite, revealing that the his perfect formula for relaxing involves a balance of ocean-side activities, quality family time, chill-out sessions and creative escapes."

Cameron also recounted the story of how Beverly Hills 90210 hearthrob, Jason Priestley, ignited a love for rosé while in Calgary:

"I was always against them, and I'll drop a name. I was with ... Jason Priestly, who was on 90210...And he brought out a bottle of rosé, it was Etude."

The West Coast wine maker, Etude, was a Rose that had a lasting memory on Daddo. 

"I was like, ‘Oh, I don't know about Rose’. Anyway, he's a big wine guy. Had it, and from that moment, all my judgements about it were gone, because it was as it looks, as it appears, it's somewhere between a light red and a white wine."

To hear the full interview with Cameron Daddo check out the A Moment In Wine podcast by clicking here.