Cauliflower Lattes Are The Latest Craze

By Krisinda Merhi August 5, 2019

Move over almond milk. 

We’re all for living a healthy lifestyle. l Life’s about balance, ya know? Veggies through the week and chocolate on the weekend, etc. 

There are some health-fads that we are all for. Kale? Sure. Almond milk? Big yes, especially for the lactose intolerant peeps. 

But there’s a new trend we cannot (and downright refuse) to get behind: cauliflower lattes. 

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Yep, cauliflower lattes are now a thing and we have questions. Well, one question: why? 

The world has enough lattes options - there’s regular milk, soy milk, almond milk, and oat milk - why the hell do we need another one? 

And WHY cauliflower?? 

Apparently, cauliflower lattes are a “creamier” alternative to, wait for it, broccoli lattes. There’s a whole world of vegetable coffee we didn’t even know existed and, honestly, we feel violated. 

At this year’s Hort Connections conference in Melbourne, the fruit and veg industry spoke about all things cauliflower lattes. 

“Broccoli latte was a great story, a bit of a novelty to create awareness on what is possible,” Fresh Select CEO and farmer, John Said, explained to ABC Rural.

“Our thinking was that cauliflower is a bit more creamier and its colour is similar to milk, and it wouldn’t look like a green coffee.”

Yeah, still doesn’t sound appealing mate. 

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The one upside to cauliflower lattes is that they’re packed full of health benefits. Just one cup uses roughly seven grams of cauliflower powder, which is equivalent to one complete serve of veggies. 

So you can have five coffees and be sorted. 

Lol jokes, if only it worked that way. 

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Images: Getty, Giphy / Giphy.