Coles Have Released Their Own Sweet N Sour Nugget Sauce

By Krisinda Merhi July 1, 2019

Yes please!

Nothing says McDonald’s more than a Big Mac, large fries, 10 pack of Chicken McNuggets  (with sweet n sour sauce, nothing else) and a frozen coke/chocolate thick shake (depending on the day). 

All the other menu items are great but these are the four that are the very best. Anyone who thinks otherwise can see themselves out. 

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As much as we love Macca’s we can’t eat it every single day. Well, we technically could, but our bank balance and arteries definitely wouldn’t thank us for it. 

Luckily for us and McLovers Australia wide, Coles has changed the game by developing their own version of McDonald’s iconic sweet n sour sauce. 

The Special Nugget Sauce comes in two varieties - sweet and spicy - and is just $2.75 a bottle. 

A whole 375ml bottle will cover a lot more than just 10 nuggs and, according to online reviews, the sweet version tastes exactly like the good stuff from Macca’s.

But that’s not all folks - Coles also has their own version of Big Mac sauce. 

The Special Burger Sauce launched last year and has been wildly popular. We can confirm it tastes just as good as Macca’s.

Both sauces have no artificial flavours or colours - so they’re cheap, yummy and healthy (kinda) (not really). 

Images: McDonalds / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy.