Cotton On Have Released A ‘Curvy’ Range and YES

By Krisinda Merhi April 11, 2019

Here. For. It. 

Everybody deserves to be celebrated. 

And every BODY also deserves to be celebrated. 

Which is why we’re big fans of brands which make clothes for real people with real bodies. 

‘Cause the average human doesn’t come in just a size 6-12. 

Aussie retailer Cotton On has dropped its first ever ‘curve’ range with clothes in sizes 16-24. 

While we resent the term ‘curve’ because, like we said, every body is beautiful, the reality is that a lot of retailers don’t cater for women who don’t conform to the expected beauty standards. 

And by that we mean who isn’t six foot, wafer thin and can wear mom jeans WITHOUT getting the weird lumpy belly bit. 

You know what bit we mean. 

Cotton On’s range includes three styles of $60 high-waisted jeans made from stretch fabric. 

There’s also $20 Curve Graphic Tees in a bunch of colours. Cute! 

This means the average Australian woman- who is a size 16, FYI- can walk into any Cotton On store and grab a super cute outfit that actually fits their body. 


Images: Cotton On, Giphy / Giphy.