Country Road Has Released A Dog Range If You Want Your Pooch To Be Super Stylish

By Krisinda Merhi August 27, 2019

Want? Need. 

There are two times in life when spending money doesn’t count: when it’s on food (you bet I’m going to pay $18 for avocado smash on toast, thank you) and when it’s on your doggo. 

Well, check your bank balance and prepare to spend it all friends, because Country Road has launched a new range of dog gear. Now you and your pooch can match in all your denim, brown leather, soccer mum realness. 

Mean Girls Cool Mom GIF

The range includes dog leads ($99.95), dog collars ($69.95), poop bags (for a casual $39.95) and more. 

Why have a regular poop bag when you can have a leather poop bag from Country Road?* Even your dog’s poop deserves the best. 

Country Road shared the news on Instagram with a picture of a doggo - of course. The marketing people must know we’re suckers for a cute dog - we can say no to a collar easy, but slap it on a cute furry animal and suddenly we need to buy 50.

While it’s all fun and furry friends, not everyone was pleased about the collection. Apparently, not everyone can afford to blow $100 on a leather strap to tether their dog. 

I’m a sucker for a good colour scheme and anything involving dogs so I would be all over this. Except I don't have a dog which, for the first time in my life, is probably a good thing. 

Shop the collection here.

*Answer: because it’s cheaper. 

Images: @CountryRoad / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy.