Crystal-based skincare could be the secret to perfect skin

By Steph N March 17, 2017

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Crystal healing is nothing new. It has been used for thousands of years, with records showing its prominence in ancient Sumer, Greece, Egypt and China. 

The use of crystals within skincare products, however, is a fairly modern concept. In recent years, a number of brands have adopted the practice and there are many who swear by its effectiveness. 

We chatted to by Samantha Sargent, natural beauty expert and distributor of AEOS about the new beauty trend and its benefits.

For their products, AEOS energised organics works with an alchemist to transform solid crystal rocks into a liquid solution that is then added to each product; allowing the ‘crystal’ to be absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream.

Sargent explains that over the years, the AEOS lab has found that this process allows the crystal to not only influence the health of the mind, but also the skin. 

Here are seven of the most effective crystals used in skincare and their corresponding benefits:

1. Amethyst

Body: Helps to improve the complexion of skin and moisture retention. Particularly beneficial for blemishes, acne, eczema and skin irritations.

Mind: Helps to harmonise the nervous system, having a relaxing effect that is beneficial in times of stress, and helpful for promoting peaceful sleep.

Spirit: Related to the crown and third eye chakra, amethyst promotes inspiration and intuition.

2. Chalcedony (blue)

Body: Has a moisturising effect on the skin that helps with regenerating dehydrated, congested and ageing skin conditions.

Mind: Encourages communication and self-expression.

Spirit: Related to the throat chakra, blue chalcedony is calming and peace-making.

3. Emerald

Body: Helps to rejuvenate the skin.

Mind: Has a balancing effect on hormones, helping to balance emotions.

Spirit: Related to the heart chakra, emerald is considered the cornerstone of divine inspirations.

4. Opal

Body: Supports the formation of red blood cells, promoting vitality.

Mind: Supportive in challenging situations, increasing optimism.

Spirit: Activates the body, mind and soul, strengthening the will to live.

5. Rose Quartz

Body: Helps to cleanse the skin and blood, and reduce inflammation

Mind: Particularly beneficial for helping to promote self-love. 

Spirit: Beneficial to the heart chakra, rose quartz supports our ability to love.

6. Turquoise

Body: Helps to activate water balance, particularly beneficial for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.

Mind: Energising, turquoise helps to balance mood swings, and strengthen self-confidence and self-expression.

Spirit: Helps to improve intuition and creativity.

7. Quartz

Body: Particularly beneficial for the skin, with a cleansing and detoxifying effect.

Mind: Helps to promote clear perception, understanding and self-awareness.

Spirit: Embodies clarity, purity and health.

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