Five reasons you should commit to a Spring Clean this weekend

By Stephanie Nuzzo November 23, 2017
Wardrobe clean out Getty

It can result in much more than just a tidy home. 

To quote lifestyle/cleaning guru Marie Kondo, tidying up (or a good spring clean, in this case) can be “life-changing”.  

More than just an excuse to throw out unwanted gifts and get rid of the dust bunnies that live in the dark corners of your home, a Spring Clean can be a catalyst for much more than a tidy home. 

Here are the five biggest reasons to commit to the clean up:

1. Order in your home translates to order in your life:

As Kondo teaches, de-cluttering your surroundings has a major impact on your mental state and how you approach your day-to-day. 

The effect of this at-home overhaul has been so profound for some of her fans that they swear it has led to weight loss, improved relationships and success at work. 

2. You’re likely to stumble upon a few items you’d “lost track of”:

Remember that denim jacket you swear you left on the kitchen bench, but haven’t seen in six months? A spring clean is likely to see lost items, like that denim jacket, resurface.

You may not be happy to see all of them again, but at least they won’t be collecting dust at the bottom of a cupboard somewhere. 

3. It gives you an opportunity to pass on pre-loved purchases to a new home:

Haven’t worn a piece of clothing in two years and it’s still in great nick? Donate it. Have some pieces of furniture or white goods that still have some life in them but no longer serve you? Donate them. 

It’s a fulfilling and useful way to de-clutter your home. 

The Brotherhood of St Laurence is a charity in Melbourne that sells donated items and reinvests all profits into their many programs and services that help disadvantaged Australians build better lives for themselves. 

4. Your home will feel brighter and more open:

Take to your windows with some elbow grease and you’ll be surprised by the impact it has on the amount of light that enters the space. That, combined with the fact that the pile of shoes that generally lives on the floor in the living room is gone will instantly open up the entire area. 

5. You’ll get to bask in that post-clean feeling of pride:

It’s a thing. And you absolutely deserve it. 

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