Friends Monopoly is officially a thing and we're STOKED

By Ally Parker April 10, 2018

And here's where you can get it.

Just when we thought hope was lost (movies are all remakes, the cool Justin Bieber has gone on hiatus and the Bachelor in Paradise intruders are... weird), we were graced with good news:

Friends Monopoly exists.

Top hat? We don't need no stinkin' top hat. 

Friends Monopoly lets you play as Rachel’s handbag, Ross’ Dinosaur, Monica’s chef’s hat, Phoebe’s acoustic guitar, Joey’s pizza and - brace yourself - Chandler’s sweater vest.

Traditional property stops are replaced with iconic moments from the series: ‘Rachel finds out’, Central Perk tab, ‘Giant Poking Device’ and Apartment 20. Train Stations are also replaced with the iconic ‘Relaxi Taxi’.

The game is currently available or pre-order at the ABC Shop online, it doesn't come out in Australia until 15 June 2018. At time of writing, it has sold out on UK website The Works where it is currently released.

Image: ABC Shop