Genius $10 Cleaning Gadget Is Getting Amazing Reviews

By Ally Parker June 27, 2019


There isn't a soul on this green earth who can say they never, ehm... 'not seen' a big ol' mess in the microwave.

Whether it's the work zapper or home edition, that thing gets gross and we don't want to clean it. 

There's a new product that promises to fix all that. It's called the Angry Mama and we're lowkey obsessed.

Available for around $10 on Amazon, the Angry Mama is essentially a mini steamer which, thanks to water and vinegar, softens grot and makes it easier to wipe off.

“Worth it. Loosened up the gunk in the microwave well and it was easy to clean quickly!” one Amazon user wrote.

Another added, “I love it. It worked fantastic. Just had to wipe it out. It’s so cute. I had no problems with it at all. I would buy it for a gift any day.”

According to Amazon, the prod also has 360 Days 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee. There's also a volcano version and Angry POTUS if that's more your style.

Image: Amazon