Good to know: Look for this when buying diamond jewellery

By Sangeeta Kocharekar July 24, 2017
Jennifer Lopez diamond

Treat yo' self.

Buying diamond jewellery for yourself or a loved one can be tricky to navigate. For most people, it's not something we do every day or even once a year so it can be an intimidating task. But considering diamonds aren't cheap, it's important to be fully educated on them before heading out to buy – whether it be a diamond ing, bracelet or earrings.

We asked the team behind Diamond World to put together their five best tips to reference when buying a diamond.

1. No paper, no diamond

The first thing you want to know when purchasing a diamond is, are my pennies going on a genuine diamond? There are a lot of other substitutes that look exceptionally real, but may actually be a cubic zirconia, lab grown or moissanite. When purchasing any diamond you shouldn't buy any diamond without a certificate. A diamond certificate determines the stones value, quality, authenticity, durability and beauty. Certification is your indication that the diamond you're buying is genuine, also make sure the certificate is certified from a trusted source such as The Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

2. Do your research

It's really important to do your research before hitting the shops when buying a diamond. The art of a salesperson is to convince you to purchase something that may actually not be down your alley and you could even end up spending far more than you would have hoped. Having a clear indication of your budget, style, colour and type of diamond jewellery you are after is necessary and this will help you find exactly the diamond you are after. It's important to not just purchase the first diamond you see, shop around and see what one is best for you and your budget. 

3. Quality over quantity

Don’t buy a diamond just because it “looks” big. We're all familiar with the quote “bigger is always better” or “size really does matter”, but in this case, it doesn't apply. A diamond is measured by its carats not size. A smaller diamond that is higher in carats will be far more expensive than a large diamond that is under one carat, always be sure to look out for this, bigger definitely does not mean better. It is far better to purchase a smaller diamond with greater value and quality as opposed to a larger diamond just because it looks appealing. Be sure to keep this in mind when purchasing your next diamond. Poor quality diamonds always speak for itself in the end.  

4. Insure it

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when purchasing a diamond is not insuring it. Diamonds aren't cheap at all and if the unthinkable should happen and you have misplaced it or it is stolen, then you do not want to spend the rest of your life regretting that quick phone call to the insurance company. 

5. Don’t buy from anyone

Purchasing a diamond can be an investment so making sure you buy it from a certified dealer. Do not ever buy a diamond that you have not seen in person, you will find a lot of online stores selling diamonds. When spending a lot of money on a piece of jewellery it is best to see it in person, try it on and ask the sales person as many questions as you would like prior to purchasing. Do not buy any jewellery from a pop a store or market as well. You may come across stores that claim to have “genuine” diamonds at a much cheaper price. This may seem too good to be true and in all honesty, it probably is, make sure you are aware of where and what shop you are buying from.