This Italian hotel has a waterslide that drops you right into the ocean

By Marni Dixit April 30, 2018
Citta Del Mare Hotel

BRB booking flights!

If you're planning on spending the Aussie winter over in Europe, you better add the Citta Del Mare Hotel in Palermo, Sicily to your list because it has the most amazing three-level water slide we've ever seen.

The slide, which is the highest in Europe, has been carved into a cliff face and drops you directly into the Meditteranean Sea, but if you go from the top of the slide you can stop in three different pools on your way down to the ocean. There's then a ladder that takes you from the ocean to the hotel. 

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The only way you can use the slide is if you're a guest of the hotel, so you're going to have to book a stay to enjoy what looks like the most incredible slide experience you could ever have. Just going to go and book some leave in now...

Image: Citta Del Mare Hotel​/Instagram