This Is How Often You Should Be Cleaning Your Water Bottle

By Isabella Bull December 10, 2019


Like most environmentally-conscious people, we’re all about reusing where possible.

We rep a KeepCup on the daily, use cloth bags at Coles and always refill our water bottles.

But while we’re doing our part for the environment, it turns out we may be doing our own health dirty.

Very dirty.

US publication Bustle recently delved into this very topic, uncovering the – honestly scary – truth.

Speaking to microbiologist & senior research officer of Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Dr. Celeste Donato, they learned just how important it is to wash your water bottle after every use. 

“Your mouth can contain viruses and bacteria that can enter your water bottle as you drink and backwash from your mouth goes back into the bottle or from saliva around the rim,” Dr. Donato told the publication, adding that most of our bacteria won’t make us sick, but they can under “some circumstances”.


“You touch many different surfaces throughout the day, some of which might be pretty gross such as hand rails on public transport and doorhandles in public toilets, picking up bacteria and viruses on your hands,” she continued.

“These germs can be transferred to your water bottle and ingested, especially if you are touching the pull top on your bottle that you will then drink from directly.” 

The best thing to do is simply toss it into the dishwasher at the end of everyday (if dishwasher safe) or use a (clean!) scrub brush and hot, soapy water.

Using a toothbrush to really get into cracks and crevices every now and again is also a good idea. 

BRB, need to deep-clean everything we’ve ever put our mouth on. Ever. 

Image: Getty, Giphy