How to take the perfect foodie picture

By Christina Cavaleri October 12, 2017

Finally, someone reveals their secrets

Foodie porn has taken over social media.

Everyday, countless photos come up in our newsfeed making us drool that that meal.

Did you know that there is actually an art to this new craze? Some universities have even brought it in as a subject!

Jessica Koncz is a social media expert, App creator, millennial entrepreneur and runs an Instagram account showcasing drool worthy deliciousness with a following of 47,000. 

When Koncz started her Instagram at the age of 21, she saw the lack of social media presence for her favourite brunch spots, and the rest is history.

“While glamorous pictures fill our feeds and make us envious of everyone else’s plate, I always get asked about how we make our photos look so good.”

From her Instagram she has now built a business off people eating with their eyes, it’s basically the Tinder for food App, Crave.

The team at Crave gave us some tips on how to create the perfect looking dish:

Choose a colourful dish

If you’re thinking purely about the aesthetic of the dish on your Insta then go for an option filled with colourful ingredients. Dishes like poke bowls, waffles or acai bowls are great choices. 

Hot tip: Check out the Instagram of the business before hand to see what dishes photograph well!

Get the lighting right

If you take a photo on a phone in a dark room, the quality is not going to be great and it most certainly will not be a beautiful addition to your social media feed. Bright and light is best and surprisingly the afternoon sun makes for a glorious shot (think cocktails, tapas and your favourite cheese board!) If you are cooking at home, set your shot up near a window for some natural light. If you’re dining out, try and score a table outside that’s not in direct sun to get the perfect pic.

Stage it, don’t fake it 

The best shots often feature action. Try to get some shots while making a meal, pouring a drink or constructing of your favourite salad bowl. Never undermine the brilliance of a deconstructed dish! (Also never underestimate the value of portrait mode on the iPhone, hello professional content shooter).

Buy or cook something you will actually enjoy 

There’s no point in cooking the cake if you’re not going to eat it too! The trick? Post about the food you love. The greatest thing about posting on social media about food is about getting to indulge in the deliciousness afterwards.

Try a GIF or a Boomerang

Friday night drinks anyone? Boomerang that. Post in on your story first, and if you love it repost it later on your feed. There’s a range of apps and add-ons that you can use to enhance your social photos. Try a GIF maker or even VSCO to give your photos that sharper look.

Be authentic about what you post

Didn’t enjoy the food? Don’t post about it. Love the food? Tell everybody! Your caption should accompany the image perfectly. You may not be a professional photographer but if you have a way with words it will make a difference to how your followers react.

The Crave app has hit the App and Google Play Stores. It's a dish based discovery app that invites users to swipe, showing them the delights nearby to satisfy all their food cravings. For more information.