A Huge Heatwave Is Coming, So Guess We're Clocking Off Early

By Krisinda Merhi October 22, 2019

Need an excuse to leave work? We got you covered. 

There's nothing like nice weather to make you wish you were at the beach instead of at work. 

Thanks to a heatwave that's set to sweep the nation, we'll be spending the rest of this week dreaming of sandy shores instead of using our time productively. 

Temperatures in all of Australia's major cities are set to soar past 30 degrees celsius. 

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Sydney weather will peak on Friday with a 33C day (37C in the west), while the mercury in Adelaide will hit 31C and 36C on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. 

Canberra and Melbourne will also experience searing heat on Thursday with temperatures climbing to 31C and 33C. 

The heatwave comes thanks to warm air which is pushing down from Australia's hottest city, Darwin, where temperatures hit 38.2C on Monday. 

Thanks to the heat, workers in parts of Sydney and Adelaide (sorry Melbourne and Canberra) will be within their rights to stop working when the mercury reaches 35C.

The nationwide Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union previously told its 100,000-plus members to avoid working when the mercury reaches 'dangerous' levels.

The CFMEU says workers across the country have the right to walk off the job when temperatures hit 35C. 

Guess we'll be seeing you at the beach then. 

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Images: Getty, Giphy/Giphy.