This Kmart Chair Will Have Your Living Space Looking Like A Million Bucks

By Krisinda Merhi July 16, 2019

But won’t cost nearly as much. 

We’d be lying if we said at least half of our house consisted of Kmart furniture - it’s at least 70 per cent RN.

The retailer has some seriously schmancy buys for a tenth of the price of some other brands. 

Just when we thought our interior design dreams had been realised, Kmart has gone and released another need-to-buy piece of furniture: an upholstered timber chair. 

The chair has light timber arms and legs and a grey fabric backing. It’s simple enough to go with anything but definitely nice enough to say, “I’m an adult”. Also, it looks super cute when styled with colourful pillows and throws.

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For a chair that looks like a million bucks, it carries a - comparatively - easy price tag of $69 . It’s a slightly higher price point than we’re used to when shopping at Kmart but totally worth it: the chair looks quality so we’re willing to invest. 

Also, it’ll take our living room game up to the next level and that’s something money can’t buy. 

Well… technically it can if you’ve got a spare $70. 

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Images: Getty, Sherie Lindsay / Facebook, Giphy / Giphy.