Kmart Drop $9 Bunny Onesie For Bubs And Our Ovaries Are Exploding

By Brynn Davies April 17, 2019

We can't handle the floofy. 

Hold onto your ovaries because Kmart just sent us all into clucky overdrive. 

They just released a bunny costume for children ages six to 18 months and it is just too cute to handle. 




The sweet lil’ costume goes for a ridiculously low $9 and we are buying them for everyone we know. 

Seriously, how on earth could you walk past this in the aisle and NOT grab six?

Don’t have your own bub to dress in a novelty costume? Never fear. 

You can always buy one for your niece or nephew, your friend’s offspring, maybe even try to get it onto your unsuspecting pet.

Heck, even make it today’s good deed and gift one to a baby-toting stranger. (On second thoughts… don’t do that). 

If we could, we would wear it. 

We might even try.