This Kmart hack costs $5 and is sending the internet into meltdown

By Marni Dixit November 8, 2017

OK, we never would have thought of this!

It’s that time of the week again – that’s right, it’s time for another Kmart hack!

This time, a mother from Tamworth has figured out how to make her old fridge look brand new and stylish for just $5. 


Gyspy Hughes shared her work on the Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia showing she upcycled an old friend by sticking on some copper adhesive film to give it a fancy new look. 

Hughes revealed to the group it took around half a day and two people to do this work, but added it was “worth it”. 


There's no doubt a bunch of the people in the Facebook group will be doing something similar to their fridges this weekend! Would you consider giving this a go?

Image: Getty and Facebook