Love your lipstick? Here’s how to get it to last as long as possible

By Stephanie Nuzzo April 19, 2017

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Ah, lipstick. That magical cosmetic that has the power to transform you from slob to chic with just one pigment-packed swipe. Is there anything that has the ability to make you feel quite as glam as lipstick? Well, other than mascara, a blow-dry, heels or dangly earrings? 

Most definitely not.

However, if like me, you enjoy throwing on a bold lip colour for the odd day at work, you probably run into the same issue I do. It doesn’t often last very long. 

Well, we wanted to find a way around that problem and so, we chatted with Elizabeth Barbalich, founder of New Zealand natural beauty brand Antipodes. 

Here’s what she had to say:

“For getting the longest life out of lipsticks throughout the day, your best tactic is to make sure your lips are in great condition before you even apply them. I recommend using a non-greasy and non-shiny lip conditioner or balm as the base and also as a top up throughout the day.

“We have a fantastic product called Kiwi Seed Oil Lip Conditioner. This nourishing formula blends the bioactive botanical ingredient kiwi seed oil with nutrient-rich avocado oil to help keep the skin of your lips healthy and hydrated. We recommend putting it on prior to your lipstick in the height of either summer or winter for extra protection from the dryness of these seasonal extremes, or you can add it throughout the day over your lipstick for added moisture and subtle shine.” 

Barbalich went on the explain that when choosing a lipstick that you intend to wear from morning to night, colour matters. 

“As to colour, choosing classic earthy and feminine shades will go with most fashion looks and can be worn from dawn to dusk. Match your outfit, or match your mood!”

From the Antipodes range of Healthy Lipsticks, she suggests options such as Remarkably Red, Boom Rock Bronze or West Coast Sunset as a start. These eye-catching shades are sure to work with every outfit choice, whether it’s for work or play. 

Images: Getty, Supplied