Low calorie Blue Ribbon ice cream exists and it’s cheaper than Halo Top

By Krisinda Merhi February 27, 2019

Only 308 calories for a whole tub!

We’re not gym junkies but we don’t mind working out from time-to-time. 

You know what we also we don’t mind? 

Nay, you know what we LOVE?


Which, come to think of it, is probably the reason we’re not full on health junkies: chocolate and brownies and waffles and parfait and ice cream are all too good to give up. 

When Halo Top go released we thought it was too good to be true.

How can something be low calorie AND yummy? Those two things don’t go together (we tried making a low calorie gluten free dairy free muffin once and it tasted like cardboard). 

Alas, Halo Top proved we are sometimes wrong because it tastes bloody GREAT. 

They even have a dairy free option so everyone can get a piece of the pie (uh, ice cream tub). 

We thought the healthy dessert world had peaked with Halo Top. 

We didn’t think it could get much better than chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with only 360 calories per tub. 

But today we were proven wrong for the second time when we stumbled upon this masterpiece: 

That’s right friends, cult favourite Streets ice cream has released their very own range of Blue Ribbon low calorie ice cream.

Blue Ribbon is easily one of the creamiest, yummiest ice creams on the planet so we’re salivating just THINKING about this tub o’ low calorie goodness. 

And the flavours are straight-up classics: vanilla bean, raspberry fudge swirl, creamy chocolate, and cookies and cream.

Not only is Blue Ribbon gonna challenge Halo Top in terms of creaminess level but they’re literally giving them a run for their money. 

Blue Ribbon’s new low calorie tubs are $8 a pop to Halo Top’s $10. 

Which just FEELS so much more affordable, ya know? 

True it’s only $2 cheaper but that $2 makes a difference. 

$2 a day is $14 a week which is $728 a year more you cam spend on buying other food. 

Or saving, if you’re a responsible adult. 

If you’re REALLY respectable (or just love a bargain) then head to Woolworths. The tubs are currently ON SALE for $6 each. 

That’s a $4 saving and a whole lot more pizza for you this year. 

Pizza to balance out all that low calorie ice-cream with some good quality carbohydrates. 

Images: Blue Ribbon ANZ / Instagram , Giphy / Giphy.