Measles Warning Issued For Jetstar And Virgin Passengers On These Flights

By Krisinda Merhi March 28, 2019

The disease is highly contagious. 

A warning has been issued for Jetstar and Virgin passengers after a traveller was diagnosed with measles. 

The affected flights were between Thailand, Sydney, Melbourne and Christchurch last week. 

According to NSW Health, the infected traveller is believed to have first caught the disease on Jetstar flight JQ28 that left Phuket at 9.45pm on March 18, and arrived in Sydney at the T1 international terminal at 10.30am on March 19.

The traveller then: 

  • Left Sydney on flight JQ517 from the T2 domestic terminal at 2pm on March 19. 
  • Arrived at Melbourne Airport Terminal 4 at 3.35pm. 
  • Departed Melbourne on Virgin Australia flight VA99 at 6.35pm. 
  • Arrived at Christchurch Airport at 11.35pm.

It is believed anyone who crossed paths with traveller could be at risk at also contracting measles. 

People who were on the same flights, at the same baggage carousels, customs check, and arrival and departure areas are being urged to check for symptoms.

Symptoms include fever, sore eyes, a cough, and eventually, a red, blotchy rash. 

It can take up to 18 days for symptoms to develop so individuals should closely monitor their bodies until around April 6. 

"If you develop symptoms, please call ahead to your GP to ensure you do not wait in the waiting room with other patients," NSW Health’s Communicable Diseases Branch director Vicky Sheppeard told The Sydney Morning Herald.

This warning comes just days after a NSW backpacker and primary school student were diagnosed with measles. 

Measles is spread through physical contact and also through the air; coughing or sneezing can easily infect another person. 

You are especially at risk if you have never had the disease or received TWO doses of the measles vaccination. 

Images: Getty.