What happens now?

By Michaela Slade May 8, 2017

Fertility is one little word which can lead to BIG questions.

The more we talk about these ‘big questions’, the more you realise they’re actually pretty common.

Each week for 10 weeks, we explore real stories of fertility, conception and having babies with our Modern Babies podcast.  We hope these stories will help people realise they're not alone if they're struggling to conceive.

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Modern Babies

Episode 10 – What happens now?  

On our final episode, we look at what happens next - how to choose an IVF facility, what to speak about with your doctor, and Josh finds out his test results from episode 1.

We hope that you have enjoyed taking this journey with us over the past 10 weeks. Take the first step, book a free chat with a Genea Fertility Advisor.

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Episode 1 – It Takes Two to Tango

We kick start the Modern Babies podcast series with an episode about male fertility. Fertility is a topic freely discussed amongst women over coffee, yet rarely discussed amongst men.  In 40% of couples unable to conceive, the male partner is the source of the struggle, so why aren't we talking about male fertility? We talk to Associate Professor Mark Bowman, who outlines what men need to know about pregnancy, chat with Stephen about his low sperm count and go on a sperm test of our own.

Episode 2 – The Biggest Cell

In this week’s podcast, we discuss the importance of women's awareness surrounding their body and health if they are trying to conceive. Fertility Specialists Dr Helen Peric and Dr Devora Lieberman share what women need to know about their fertility and Juliette shares her experience of deciding to freeze her eggs.

Episode 3 – Miss Conception

In school, we’re taught that if you have unprotected sex, you’re going to have a baby. But, that’s not necessarily true. Sarah shares her experience of trying to get pregnant, while the rest of us get the adult version of Sex Ed with Fertility GP Dr Helen Demetriou

Episode 4 – The Ice Age


This week’s episode is all about egg freezing.  Women freeze their eggs for different reasons - some choose to, because the time isn’t right to have a child, others make the decision due to health reasons. Josh & Jess speak with Fiona and Verena to find out what motivated their different decisions around freezing their eggs, and Fertility Specialist Dr Devora Lieberman shares her medical perspective on things for women to consider. 



Episode 5 – The Big E

Endometriosis is a disease affecting at least 1 in 10 - far more common than many diseases in the mainstream media, yet most people have never heard of it. Join us as we speak with sufferer and campaigner Zoe Marshall and Dr Geoff Reid as they share more about what this disease is, how it affects your general health and chance of getting pregnant, and what to do if you have it.

Episode 6 – Pregnancy Interrupted 

Not all pregnancies go to plan and when they don’t, it can be a very difficult time. We hear stories from people who have experienced miscarriage, Dr Mark Livingstone shares the medical reasons why miscarriage can happen and Amanda from Bears of Hope shares the work they do to support people during this difficult time.

Episode 7 – Backstage in the Lab  

Innovations in IVF technology and techniques can dramatically improve the chance of conception. And even though Jess never studied biology, she visits the lab and speaks with Genea Scientific Director Steven McArthur to find out what science is doing to help you conceive.  


Episode 8 – When Nature Needs a Helping Hand 

The IVF process for patients can be physically and emotionally uncomfortable - but it’s not as hard as some people think. Join Dr Mark Livingstone, Leanne and Stephen as they share their knowledge and experience of what’s involved day to day with having IVF.

Episode 9 – Snakes & Ladders 

IVF for many people is a very emotional time - both good, and bad. From the time people discover they need IVF to conceive their much-wanted child through to possibly discovering it’s not going to work for them, there’s a lot they can experience. Genea specialist fertility counsellor Evelyn Zwahlen shares with us some tips for coping with infertility and treatment.