Having Babies - Expecting & The Unexpected

By Bobby Orme September 10, 2017

Fertility is one little word which can lead to BIG questions.

Modern Babies is back! Season two continues an important conversation about IVF and fertility and we take a deeper dive into personal stories behind IVF treatment, male fertility, how cultural backgrounds can affect the baby narrative and look closely at one of the conditions affecting fertility - endometriosis. 

Modern Babies is here to provide a new and engaging way to inform, discuss and break down the stigma surrounding infertility and IVF in a safe environment. We hope you enjoy listening! 

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Modern Babies

Season 2. Episode 2 - Having Babies - Expecting & The Unexpected 

By the end of this episode we’ll have three bouncing babies, but how they came to be isn’t so simple. Megan explains how she fell pregnant when her body wasn’t ovulating naturally and Christine tells us about her journey with miscarriage, preimplantation genetic screening and IVF. 

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Next week…

Endometriosis is a debilitating disease that can often go undiagnosed. In this episode, Kirsti describes the impact endo has on her life and how IVF helped her to conceive. We also hear from Sylvia about freezing her eggs in her early 20s when faced with the threat of infertility. 

Check in next week for episode 3.

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