The Most Popular First And Middle Baby Names Revealed

By Ally Parker January 15, 2020

All cute though.

Data from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages of NSW has been released detailing the most popular first and middle baby names of 2019.

The results show Oliver is the state's favourite name for boys for the sixth year running, followed by Noah, William and Jack. All up, we've been seeing these names in the top four for the last seven years.

Charlotte took out top spot for girls - third year running, if we're keeping score, followed by Olivia, Mia and Amelia; names that have dominated for some time now. 

Princess Charlotte Instagram

The name Isla, which has been rising in popularity since making the top 10 in 2016, has hit the number five spot.

The data aligns with the results for both Victoria and Queensland, with tip-top names for babies in both states being Oliver and Olivia in 2019. 

Here's the full list for girls:











And boys:











Queensland also saw 57 girls named Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards) in 2019 and 102 named Luna (we're going to assume after Chrissy Teigen). Jaxon was also strongly repped with 148 boys and while 69 named Phoenix. Newer entires for Queensland in the last few years also included Hudson and Elijah for boys and Willow for girls.

Victoria conversely, sees slightly more traditional names hit top spots for boys including Thomas, Charlie and Henry.

Finally, despite the trend in certain names, the NSW data also showed that parents often gave their children much more 'old school', traditional middle names. 

For girls, this meant Rose, Grace, May, Elizabeth and Louise. While boys earned James, John, William, Thomas and Michael.

Image: Pexels