New Study Confirms Women Are The Superior Gender

By Krisinda Merhi May 27, 2019

You’re welcome ladies!

Every woman at some stage of her life has found herself dealing with a guy- it could be your boyfriend, brother or friend- and thinking “what is WRONG with him?”. 

Variations include: 

“Is he serious right now?” and “How doesn’t he get it?”.

Basically: dudes are frustrating, women are better. 

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It’s an unspoken truth that Women are the superior gender. We’re kind,loving, empathetic, and would do anything for almost anyone (bar ex-boyfriends). 

And now there’s research to back it all up. 

That’s right ladies- there’s now an actual study you can refer people (men) to. 

The study comes from the University of Zurich and concluded that men's brains reward selfish behaviour, whereas women's brains reward generosity.

So men tend towards selfishness whereas women are more generous. 

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The university ran a series of behavioural experiments that required participants to make decisions about whether or not to share money while neuroscientists analysed their brains. 

The study found that the striatum (the brain's reward centre, which administers a delicious dopamine hit for "correct" behaviour) responds much more strongly in women when they make "prosocial" decisions than when men do so.

In contrast, selfish behaviour triggered a dopamine response in the brains of men. 

In other words, women get rewarded for kindness, men get rewarded for being arses. Just like in real life!

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Lead researcher Alexander Soutschek commented in a press release that the results "demonstrate that the brains of women and men also process generosity differently at the pharmacological level". 

He pointed to the need for further research, and for the need for neuroscientists to "take into account gender differences more seriously".

If only real life people could do the same. 

It’s time to just admit is: women are superior beings. 

The end. 

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