New Study Finds Drinking Lots Of Coffee Isn’t Bad For You

By Krisinda Merhi June 16, 2019

Monday mornings, come at us. 

Coffee is the love of our lives. Chocolate and ice-cream are pretty good but coffee just gives us a lot more: it keeps us warm, wakes us up and is always there when we need it. 

And we need it a lot. 

If you’re anything like us and rely on coffee to get you through the day / love coffee a lot then we have some good news for you: it’s not as bad for our health as we initially thought. 

A new study from the British Heart Foundation suggests the amount of coffee a person drinks is not related to how likely they are to suffer heart problems. 

The study had experts from Queen Mary University of London study a sample of 8,412 people divided into three groups: people who drink less than one cup of coffee a day, people who drink one to three coffees a day, and people who drink an average of five coffees a day. 

The last group had people who drank as many as 25 coffees a day- that’s a lot of caffeine. 

However, those people were no more likely to suffer from the stiffening arteries associated with strokes and heart attacks. Each participants age and weight was taken into consideration. 

Dr Kenneth Fung, from QMUL, said the research meant people shouldn't be put off drinking coffee for heart health reasons: "Despite the huge popularity of coffee worldwide, different reports could put people off from enjoying it," he said.

"Whilst we can't prove a causal link in this study, our research indicates coffee isn't as bad for the arteries as previous studies would suggest."

Looks like our coffee detox was for nothing then.

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