Nova Employment Podcast Season 2

By Chana Matchimbanpoth May 20, 2019

Focus On Ability is a podcast where in each episode we get to know a person with a disability and highlight their many abilities in the workplace. Now in it's Second Season, we delve into new topics that put the focus back onto ability and how business can really benefit from great staff.

NOVA is a supported employment program that offers specialist job seeking assistance and post placement support. If you’re a Sydney or Southern Highlands business that could benefit from great staff listen to each episode below and visit to find out more.

Focus on Ability is an Australian Podcast Award nominated podcast.

Episode 1: The Stage Is Set

Finishing high school, Jack felt like he was leaving the happiest days of his life behind him. Obsessed with musicals, movies and the bright lights of theatre - Jack wanted to be on stage. Growing up and going to work was the last thing he thought he’d enjoy. That was, until he found a job where he could bring his passions into the office.




Episode 2: Finding Your Voice

On his first day at work, Akbar was so shy that he barely said a word. That’s not him though, not really. The real Akbar wants to travel the world and surround himself with new people. He just needs to find some confidence first.


Episode 3: Who's helping who?

Susan was running a successful business and felt like she was finally in a position to give back to her community. Then, she met Lachlan, and realised she might have gotten more than she’d bargained for.


Episode 4: On your mark

Two minutes and 14 seconds. That’s the time to beat if Amy is to qualify for the Paralympics swim team next year. But that’s not the only goal she’s working towards. At work, Amy has found the perfect place to find her confidence and prove that she’s got what it takes to be independent.


Ep 5: So what do you do?

Not having an answer to that common question, can be stressful and embarrassing. When Sam finished school last year, he really didn’t know what he was going to do next. But instead of playing video games and taking a relaxing ‘gap-year’, Sam decided to make a call. Now? He’s on a path to a career he’d never have imagined, and loving it.


Episode 6: Stronger Together

For Chad, the hardest thing about living with a disability, was learning how to ask for help. For years, he covered up his struggles at school with anger, aggressive outbursts, and withdrawal, hoping no one would notice that he was different. Chad was on a dangerous path, one he didn't want to keep going down. It took courage to admit that he might need a bit of help to have the future he dreamed of.