People are getting this 30-minute surgical procedure to look like Miranda Kerr

By Sangeeta Kocharekar July 14, 2017
Miranda Kerr street style

Would you get it?

The first thing you notice about Miranda Kerr is her cheek dimples. They're adorable, eye-catching, and make her look nowhere near her 34 years of age (although we're guessing a beauty team behind her could also have something to do with it). 

The Aussie model isn't alone in her possession of dimples, though. Cheryl Cole, Ariana Grande, and Leighton Meester are only a few other well-known celebs lucky enough to sport the physical trait.

Leighton Meester

If you weren't born one or a set, don't despair – there's now a surgical treatment to create dimples. Known as dimplepastly, the procedure is quick, minimally invasive and, according to Sydney-based plastic surgeon Dr. Jack Zoumaras, is becoming increasingly requested by millennial-aged patients. 

"It’s the flexing of the muscle under the skin that pulls the skin, and creates a dimple."

Dr. Zoumaras thinks its popularity could be attributed to its little downtime, its lack of need for general anaesthesia for the surgery, and its enhancement of overall facial aesthetics. So yeah, we now live in a world where you can get a pair of dimples in less than 30 minutes.

Photos | Bauer-Griffin and Getty/Jim Spellman