PSA: 'Grinch' dessert boxes are a thing and we'll gift nothing else this Xmas

By Ally Parker November 14, 2018

For the person who sometimes drives you crazy.

Have someone you love but who low-key gives you the s**ts?

Well, the folks at Dessert Box have got just the gift.

Known as 'The Grinch' box, the 'gift' includes a middle finger donut (the donut's truest form), a candy cane and 'the devils herb' aka coriander.

Don't believe us? Feast your eyes:


Works well for Chrissy or for people who decide to announce in December that they're quitting, going on a fab Byron holiday or not keen to particpate in Secret Santa... aka GRINCHES. 

And that's not all! The folks at Dessert Boxes know what the best way to anyone's heart if via their bottomless stomachs, so have concocted a number of other gift 'boxes'.

Anyone else suddenly starving?

Check 'em out here and troll gift your nearest and not-so-dearest.

Image: Supplied