Rare, Super Cute White Lion Cubs Make Debut In France

By Krisinda Merhi August 13, 2019

Do French lions speak French? 

There’s a bunch of cute animals on the internet but we’ll never say no to more. 

Especially when they’re super cute, super rare white lion cubs.

The two cubs were revealed by French conservation charity Caresse de Tigre which saved their parents from a circus. 

The cubs, who are named Nala and Simba (!!!), are so so cute, in case we didn’t already mention that little tidbit. 

Their white fur, blue eyes and big paws will have you seriously considering if you can adopt them. Although something tells us it’s probably not advised.

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White lions are native to South Africa, but only a handful remain in the wild, so props to this French charity for doing their bit to save the species. 

Images: The Lion King / Disney, Giphy / Giphy.