Research Reveals What Aussies Are Willing To Give Up For Coffee

By Krisinda Merhi June 25, 2019

Can relate. 

Coffee is energy and joy in a cup. It kick-starts our day and gives us a warm hug all at once.For that we are forever grateful. 

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We love coffee so much (especially when we’re half asleep at 7am) that we’d be willing to do almost anything for it. 

Flirt with the barista? Yep. 

Pay $10? You betcha. 

Sacrifice our first born? Sure. 

But it’s unlikely we’ll have to do these things any time soon because our barista can’t speak English, we don’t live in Europe and last we checked we don’t have any children. 

New research from Moccona Coffee suggests there are some more realistic things Aussies are willing to give up for coffee. 

In fact, forty-three per cent of people will skip making the bed to ensure they get their morning cup of gold. 

Thirty-one per cent of people will skip breakfast which, if you ask us, is silly. Breakfast isn’t only the most important meal of the day but the best meal. 

Seriously, bacon???!


Fourteen per cent of people will sacrifice getting to work on time and 13 per cent won’t shower if it means they get a coffee. 

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The Moccona ‘Barista Barometer’ study surveyed over 1,000 Aussies to reveal their household habits and coffee quirks. As well as the above stats, Moconna found that women would rather enjoy a coffee with their pet than their partner. 


Two million Aussies also admit to pulling a sickie to enjoy a ‘doona day’ AKA a day in bed with coffee. 

Also fair. 

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Like we said, we’d do anything for a cup of coffee. 

Images: Pexels, Giphy / Giphy.